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An AI-powered revolution in the digital age


The rise in digital engagement in this post-pandemic era revealed the paradigm shift in consumers’ expectations to connect with a brand in an easy, direct, instantaneous and convenient way.​

  • Compatible with Whatsapp, your own service or even Rich Communications Services (RCS).

  • Convenient pre-installed app to access features.

  • Enable product browsing and transactions within a chat interface.

  • Offer a customised, branded and interactive mobile experience to your customers.

  • Increase customer engagement.

Interact with customers, resolve enquiries and complete transactions all within the chat environment

By driving AI powered conversational experiences, you can now seize interactions that drive sales

to shorten response times and automate support

Operationally, manage your digital commerce channels & support from a single back-end.

By 2023, Chat-Commerce will save $11 billion, 2.5 billion staff hours and generate $112 billion in sales.

Organize and manage your orders and

payments including refund and repurchase

- Order Handling

- Refund Handling

- Order Data Analysis

Order Management Module

NLP Module

Artificial Intelligence analyses chatbot

messages/voices and respond accordingly

- AI Trainer 

- Conversational AI and FAQs

Banner Management Module

Configuration Module

Manage your banners and promotions

displayed in Chatbot

Setting up your chatbot UI/UX and

straightforward interactions

- Custom Banner Build

- Banner Tracking

- Auto message settings

- Pre-defined situations

- Pre-programmed button reply settings

FAQ Module

Manage your customer’s frequently asked

questions and provide their answers

POI Management Module

Setting up your chatbot UI/UX and

straightforward interactions

- Setting FAQ (Questions & Answers)

- Setting FAQ Categories & Sub- Categories

- Auto-Completions Predictions 

​- Manage POI Details

- Check and Navigate POI

- POI Recommendations

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