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Entreprise Smart Messaging

A single platform for customer messaging interactions

- Manage two-way-channel conversations with customers.

- Create and send engaging multimedia content using channels including SMS,

   email, RCS, Wechat, KakaoTalk, WhatsApp etc.

- Deliver branded messages and handle customer interactions.

- Can be combined with our chat-commerce and e-commerce solutions.


Promotional Messaging Module

Transactional Messaging Module

- Set & manage promotional messages

- Check sending history

- Check accounting & ledger

- Preset customer numbers

- Send messages to your customers


How brands and enterprises are using RCS

As RCS’s potential audience grows, brands have begun to engage with customers through that channel.

While many brands are still testing and learning from their RCS campaigns, the results of these in-market campaigns have been extremely promising.

Across marketing, customer operations, and support functions, brands are leveraging the unique functionality of RCS to transform the customer experience.

Here’s an industry-wide look at how some of the first-movers in RCS are using the channel.


RCS, with its rich branding and media delivery capabilities, can be a very powerful tool for marketers.

Brands across all industries are using RCS to deliver coupons and offers, promote products and drive eCommerce sales, and create engaging quizzes and surveys to help guide customers through

purchase-making decisions.

Customer operations 

When it comes to customer operations, features like suggested replies and actions help brands, enterprises, and operators communicate with customers with the reach and immediacy of SMS, 

but with the rich, interactive functionality of an app.

Use cases such as order status notifications, payment reminders, and two-factor notification alerts are well suited to RCS.

Customer support

Getting timely and effective customer support can be a major pain point for customers. Long wait times and disparate customer records or details can create headaches for customers and brands alike. Combining integrations with back-end CRM systems and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with RCS gives brands, enterprises, and operators the ability to fully automate customer support in an actionable and truly useful way for customers.

디지털 소셜 미디어

Content delivery

The use of RCS for content delivery first emerged in 2020 and continued to gain relevance through 2021. Some content publishers even saw RCS chatbots generate revenue by increasing ad impressions.

Suggested replies and rich card carousels all have the ability to tie in sponsored content alongside the original content intended for the customer experience. This alternate revenue model could have a major impact for ad networks and content distributors.

Screenshot 2022-03-19 at 11.56.56 AM.png

Mobile ad journey using RCS

 Metrics                                     RCS                    SMS           Paid Marketing 

Conversion Rate (CVR)





Click Though Rate (CTR)



Cost per Acquisition (CPA)




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