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Who we are

Founded in Hong Kong in 2015, FreeD Group is an award-winning Digital and Smart Merchandising Solution company utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to provide end-2-end digital solutions. ​


FreeD Group expert team comprises dedicated professionals combining their extensive experience in technology, tourism, commerce, hospitality, and other industries.


We have operations in 10 offices worldwide, gathering more than 12 nationalities, working hard and dreaming big together. We will expand our presence worldwide in the coming year given, tackling new markets with an ever-growing international team.

Our mission and vision

We empower our partners and enable the digital transformation of their businesses with consumer-facing platforms that effectively increase revenue and improve customer engagement by providing them with a seamless online experience.


As one of the fastest-growing technology innovation start-ups headquartered in Hong Kong, we strive to connect platforms, brands, and service providers with their customers through enhanced digital capabilities with our proprietary SAAS solutions.

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