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Enterprise e-Commerce Solution

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We will create an e-commerce marketplace

for your existing users and members or to acquire new users.


Introduce thousands of online goods/services to your customers by using

our Enterprise Commerce Solution Suite.

Order Management

Backend to manage orders

​Organize and manage your orders and payments including refunds and repurchases.

Backend to manage refunds 

Handling all partial or full refunds requested by your customers or due to incomplete order.

Data analytics dashboard

Gather and analyze data of your orders and generate insights into customer behavior.

Product Information Management

Real-Time product management

Add, delete or edit product aspects with automatic updates and ensure your team can react to any product changes.

Define terms of purchase 

Policies around products and marketing functionalities like landing pages for sales or creating coupons for your users. 

Manage Price and Cost

In a single backend system, one can manage your pricing information across platforms and promotion periods with sophisticated in-depth options to change pricing 

Product Data

See the list of all your products sorted by product name, status, categories and many more with the ability

to extract information from other files.

Coupon& Marketing Management Module

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Generate / Deactivate Coupons

Manage all your coupons in one view that allows you to create policies and terms of conduct in order to drive transparency to your clients.

Coupon Tracking

By having e-coupons, the company can track each coupon and analyze how coupons are being used.

SEO Management 

By having this module, you can manage all your meta tags, titles, description & meta image information all from

one place. 

Banner Management Module

그래픽 디자이너

Manage your banners, promotions & sales landing pages displayed in marketplace.

Manage your banners, promotions & sales landing pages displayed in marketplace.

Landing Pages for Sales like Black Friday, 4th of July, Chinese New Year and more Customize your banners on the go and amend them based on your promotions and events.

Banner Tracking Understand your customer behavior against your promotions and amend accordingly.

User Management Module

게시판을 보는 사람

Understand and manage your user’s information and behavior in one view

Customer Profiling

Create customer profile that add value along with a customer relation management platform

Customer Service

Set up communication thread between the company and customers

Loyalty and Rewards Module

사람들이 박수

Increasing user retention and loyalty by integrating the partner’s existing loyalty points and allowing your customers to consume other purchases and products.

User Synchronization Authorize integration to sync users between partner’s system and FREED GROUP

e-commerce solution


Manage Rewarding terms of conduct

Hashtag Management Module

수직 파일 캐비닛

Hash-tag provides flexible Product and POI categorization which is commonly used for social media platforms for analyzing user trends and preferences of the products

Hashtag management allows to create / update / delete hash-tags


Match hash-tag with POIs or Products


Check the hash-tag list filtered by name, status (active, inactive)

POI Management Module

+ 제목

Attract more customers by creating and updating your Points of interests.

Create/update/delete poi details, images, open hours, geocode under city/country, category


Check the POI list filtered/sorted by category, hash-tag, name and more.


Product related POIs

Interface Management Module

사무실의 인터페이스 디자이너

The ability to manage different marketplace-UI pages using one tool.

Landing page tab menu content customizations, allowing to choose what to display on each menu

Customize the names of each section, template type, content, etc.

음악 축제 소녀들

Marketplace Module

A network of partners where you can reach a huge number of users and display your products and offerings and has the same features available in your Enterprise E-commerce solutions.

Customers Features​


Partner Features​

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