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Create and scale your e-commerce business

The Harmony Marketplace Platform is a one-stop solution for building, scaling, and operating an e-commerce marketplace with curated products from thousands of sellers

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Transform your business with the most modern e-commerce marketplace platform
Step 1: Create Your Marketplace
Choose your marketplace type (1P or 1P/3P) and create your customer-facing shopping experience using one of our easy-to-use design templates or work with our team on a custom design.
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Step 2: Connect to the Harmony Merchant Network
Access the Harmony Merchant Network to select products from thousands of global 3P merchants. Set the commission rate and earn commission revenue on every sale from 3P merchants.
Step 3: Operate your marketplace & gain insights
Take full control over your marketplace operations or outsource work to one of Harmony’s operations partners. Earn sales revenue from 1P sales and commission revenue from 3P sales while gaining insights into the overall health of your business and marketplace.
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Success Story: Hyundai Card Loyalty Points Program Innovation
Hyundai Card deployed a new e-commerce marketplace using Harmony to allow their credit card customers to spend loyalty points
Hyundai Card achieved the following in the 60 days of operations:
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$1 million+ revenue generated (net of all fees)
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23k+ orders generated by loyalty customers
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30k+ products from 250 Merchants onboarded
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Harmony’s one-stop e-commerce marketplace platform
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Customized Marketplace

Design a custom shopping experience. Choose from templates or work with Harmony on the design.

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Merchant Management

Onboard 3P merchants and earn commission revenues. Set-up policies related to payments, customer support, and more.

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Order Management

Generate orders for 1P products and get paid using Harmony’s end-to-end order management system.

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Customer Support

Set-up customer support policies. Take ownership for support or have Harmony partners manage the day-to-day.

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Platform Analytics

Monitor your marketplace’s health and watch your business revenue grow using Harmony’s reports and dashboards.

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Operations Outsourcing

Outsource marketplace operations to Harmony partners and watch your business thrive without the hassle.

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Influencer Features

Unique features are available, including the ability to sell experiences and create loyalty programs for your audience.

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Loyalty Points

Create and offer customers a bespoke loyalty points program that works as an add-on to the traditional Harmony marketplace.

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Gift Cards Module

Offer gift cards to customers and allow them to share with their friends.

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API Connectivity

Optimize your user experience with Harmony by connecting via API or using our UI.

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