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Smart Marketing

Increase online marketing & leverage on existing customer relationships.

Your objectives are ours

  • ​Offering your customers a seamless       

      e-commerce experience without any human              intervention.

  • Increasing customer interactions through AI chatbots that drive sales and repeat orders.

  • Improving customer acquisition through

      tailor-made recommendations and reducing              marketing costs.

Our expertise empowers our partners

  • We create content & design app/web in-house  

       in line with your brand guidelines

  • Our data-driven marketing solutions are backed

      by proprietary AI technology.

  • Our advertising & SEO strategies are targeted

       to maximize reach & lead to cost-effective


과학 기술

Our resources at the service of your business

  Increase & optimize revenue channels

  • AI-Powered Chat Commerce helps convert existing digital channels into sales channels, allowing customers to engage and transact in a single interface, increasing both main services and ancillary revenue.

  • Inventory Management Solution allows partners to host their products on our B2C Marketplaces and B2B eco-system, providing additional revenue channels for their products.


  Ensure continuous customer engagement

  • Content Management Solution generates personalized content through our Smart Recommendation technology.

  • Multi-Channel CRM aggregates your customer queries from different platforms in one backend system.

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