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Enterprise e-POS solution

Run your own D2C Smart Order Channel and acquire customer data.

A direct-to-consumer digital hospitality point of sale, for online ordering, delivery and pickup.

Ensures stock control, real-time analytics & reports.

Integrates with Chat-Commerce Solution to create new D2C sales channels.

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Smart Order Services

Simple e-POS System

- 2-min installation and integration  

- Manage payments 

- Monthly settlement and processing status

- Receipt print integration

- Inventory management

- Operate online ordering services

- Web, app and AI Chatbot

- FreeD F&D allows you to accept takeout and delivery

  orders through a custom online menu

D2C Ecosystem Management

- Easy management of brand and franchisee

- Data-driven technology for promotions and customers

- Get better insights with customizable dashboards

Custom Interface

Attractive, fully-branded customer interfaces designed to increase conversion and showcase your delicious products.

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Customer Service

Fully integrated with your customer service desk and customer relationship management tool, to enable you to keep a single customer view.

Payment and Couriers

Integrate with any payment provider or login functionalities like Kakao, Google, SMS or Email ID and a range of couriers options, integrated with our order production technologies.

Global Reach

Fully multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, to allow you to trade across all markets.

Supports geographical hosting and country-specific rules and legislation.

Zero installment fee! No more unreasonable commission for delivery apps!

By using our AI-driven direct-to-customer smart order solution, you give your customers a chance to order directly without paying hefty commissions to major food delivery aggregation apps. 

Our e-POS solution enables your franchises or branches to operate independently and create a profitable business for themselves all with creating your own brand value. 

You can acquire, retain & interact with your customers directly without delivery apps. 

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D2C Smart Order Features

Improve your brand value

The fully multi-lingual and multi-currency solution, to allow you to trade across all markets.

Supports geographical hosting and country-specific rules and legislation.

Retain your existing customers

Retain customers in your own ecosystem by offering discounts, rewards programs

for loyal customers along with asking for feedback on new menus or existing services.

Engage in a qualitative way with your customers directly.

Capturing value from your customer data

Analyze & create custom reports on data collected through the D2C solution.

Use customer behavioural, demographic & personal using sales analysis data to

generate more revenue and identify trends.

Interact with your clients on social media, inform them about promotions,

new menus and more.

Marketing Support

With our dedicated teams working round the clock to support your business, you can expect to maximize sales opportunities, increase order value, improve LTV, and increase repeat order frequency through gamification like loyalty, and reward programs.

We will help you identify industry trends to increase your market share. We will support market penetration through new marketing channels and by improving existing ones in order to deliver a unique digital experience and enhanced customer service.

Growth with D2C Solution

Using customer data, we increase the purchase conversion rate of new customers and the reorder



Average monthly growth rate


Average re-order rate


Conversion rate vs. delivery apps

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" We reached out to FreeD to develop a D2C solution for our brand Ssocrates.
They implemented their e-POS solution, from ideation to completion in just 30 days for over 60 branches, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic,
it was unbelievable!"

- CEO, Ssocrates
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